Frequently asked Questions

  • Do I need to paint the bottom of the DockyDock?

No you don’t need to paint or anti-foul the bottom of the DockyDock. The function of DockyDock is to work as a shield to protect your boat. Barnacles will grow on the bottom of the DockyDock in time but you can clean the DockyDock every 5 years by power jet wash.

  • Does algae and barnacles grow on the bottom of DockyDock?

Yes barnacles will grow on the bottom of the DockyDock in time. You can clean the DockyDock every 5 years by power jet wash.

  • Is the DockyDock treated with chemicals or anti-fouling?

No the DockyDock is not treated with any type of toxic chemicals. It is a green product and it will pose no harm to the sea environment.

  • Do I need to pump out the water from DockyDock?

You don’t have to pump the water out at all. However, should you wish to do this  then pumping the water out has benefits to the boat anodes as they will last longer. Rain water may collect as well but this is fresh water so will not harm the boat at all.    

  • If there is water inside the DockyDock would the barnacles grow on the boat hull?

No the barnacles and other sea creatures will not grow inside the DockyDock as long as the DockyDock is closed and the boat and the water inside is enclosed. The reason there will be no barnacles or other sea creatures is because there will be no drift of food and oxygen therefore starving the microscopic creatures from nourishment and they will die.      

  • How do I use my air conditioning unit with the boat inside the DockyDoc?

Upon request we will add an extension on the DockyDock to divert the outlet water back into the DockyDock so the water will keep circulating to feed in to the air conditioning system.   

  • How long does the DockyDock last?

The DockyDock can last more than 30 years. It is stationary with no electrical or mechanical components or movement, so other than accidents, such as cuts with a sharp object which can be repaired easily, the product will be trouble free.

  • When do I clean the bottom of the DockyDock?

You can clean the DockyDock every 5 years depending on your desire and a jet / power wash is sufficient to clean it.  

  • How easy to disassemble and assemble the DockyDock?    

The assembly and disassembly will take 60 minutes depending on the size of the DockyDock.

  • Can I have a flushing toilet with the DockyDock installed?

Yes if you have holding tank, but you are flushing without holding tank you need to lower the DockyDock back to circulate the water.    

  • How will you send the DockyDock to me?

We ship the DockyDock with UPS couriers in large parcels.

  • How will it get installed?

The Agent will install the DockyDock for you, and if you wish to install it yourself, it is easy, and we will provide a manual step by step installation.

  • How does the DockyDock get put in the water for first use?

You need to assemble the DockyDock at the boatyard near the slipway, or anywhere near your mooring space, and then tow it to your mooring space.

  • How does the DockyDock stay in the mooring space?

The DockyDock will be tied up to the boat itself, and it will become part of the boat. And the boat is tied to the jetty.

  • Does the DockyDock work on swing mooring?

Yes, the DockyDock will be tied up the anchor at the swing mooring.

  • Can the DockyDock work regardless of jetty type?

Yes the DockyDock can be installed in any type of mooring, but we need to know the type of mooring and we will add adapters on the DockyDock to cater for the mooring style.

  • Does the DockyDock come in different colours?

Yes we will offer the colours available in our stocks.

  • How does the DockyDock stay afloat?

The DockyDock has foam which will aid the DockyDock to float, there are no air inflation involved.

  • How does the DockyDock stay open when I want to sail into it?

The DockDock back gate remain lowered until you lift it up and close it.