Power Boat Hull Cover

The Power Boat range has been developed based on our experience in providing specifically made to measure, hull covers.


Why DockyDock?

Barnacles have always been a problem for all types of power boats and it can become an expensive and time consuming problem to resolve, taking the vessel from the water, cleaning it, adding protective coatings and then placing it back in the water.

The Solution

The DockyDock Hull cover is a protective cover for the boat hull, protecting it from barnacles, algae and sea creatures.

The DockyDock cover is an excellent solution for any size boat up to 100 feet in length. It provides a 100% seal to the boat hull from barnacles and will keep the boat clean and free from barnacles growing on the hull. It stays in place with buoyant foam embedded in the cover, snug edges as shown in the pictures hugging the hull from all sides.

Product Details

The DockDock flotation is buoyant by a specially developed foam – Three sides of the DockyDock are devised of foam inserts, which keep the cover afloat, the rear of the DockyDock is hinged and can be manually lowered and heightened via rope. The rear of the DockyDock is lowered into the water granting access for the boat to sail into the cover, when the boat is moored to the pontoon, the rear of the DockyDock can be lifted and completely encapsulating the boat. The rear of the DockyDock is kept afloat by another removable foam insert.