boat shape

The cost of the DOCKYDOCK INFLATABLE is $140.00 USD per foot of the boat’s length.

The system comprises three air chambers – port, starboard, and bow – each fitted with premium British-made Leafield valves for secure sealing.

The DockyDock utilizes an inflatable perimeter tube for flotation, featuring a tailgate that can be raised and lowered to facilitate easy access for boat docking.

Constructed from high-quality materials, the DockyDock hull is made of 1.2mm thick woven PVC-coated fabric, while the inflatable perimeter consists of PVC UVA stable woven fabric, known for its strength and durability. 

DOCKYDOCK (TUBE SYSTEM) is priced at $180.00 USD per foot of the boat’s length.

This system is similar to the inflatable design, but instead of inflating the outer skin, an inner tube is inserted inside the perimeter for inflation. The key benefit is that the tubes are shielded by the DockyDock shell, allowing for easy replacement or repair in the event of an accident.

Installation of DockyDock products is simple and uncomplicated. Detailed installation instructions are available online in PDF format and video tutorials. One stainless steel frame needs to be inserted into the tailgate. The installation typically takes one to two hours to complete, depending on the boat size. It is recommended to have two people for installation, and for larger boats of 30 feet and above, three individuals are advisable due to the weight of the DockyDock.