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⦁ Place and location:

A large area is ideally needed with access to the water for the assembly of the DockyDock. This can be done on a boat yard near the slip way to make it easy to deploy the DockyDock into the water. It is also possible to assemble the DockyDock on the jetty if there is enough space, for example a width of 2 metres.

⦁ Help required:
The foam DockyDock installation will require a minimum of 2 able bodied people, and for a large DockyDock of more than 25 FT, we recommend 3 people to help with the installation.

⦁ Watch the video for the assembly of the DockyDock before starting.

⦁ After completing the assembly, thread a rope of 8 mm to 10 mm through the eyelets (grommets) all around the top collar of the DockyDock.

If the mooring space is far from the assembly point, the DockyDock can be towed to the location. This needs to be done very slowly and with extreme care. It is extremely important that the metal tailgate is closed, and the water is pumped out, allowing the DockyDock to be closed and essentially float like a boat when being towed. The towing rope needs to be tied to the threaded rope on the front upper collar of the DockyDock, helping distribute the tension to the other eyelets (grommets).

It is possibly to tow the DockyDock by tying it to the side of your boat rather than the rear.