DockyDock CAT Plan

DOCKYDOCK (CAT) INFLATABLE The price $150.00 USD per foot for the boat length

This system is of a rectangular shape.
It is similar to an inflatable boat, rib boat, or a large dingy. The DockyDock will be floating using an inflatable parameter tube, with a tailgate that can lower up and down to give access for the boat to dock in and out.
The DockyDock hull is made from 1.2mm thickness woven PVC coated fabric, and the inflatable parameter is PVC UVA stable woven fabric, it is very strong and durable.
There is a total of three air chambers, port, starboard and bow, all secured with British made high quality valves (Leafield valves).

DOCKYDOCK (CAT) TUBE SYSTEM The price $200.00 USD per foot for the boat lenth

This is similar the inflatable as a design, but instead of inflating the parameter tube, There is a tube inserted inside the parameter which is to be inflated. The advantages are the tubes are protected by the DockyDock shell and in case of accident the tubes can be easily replaced or repaired.
Installation: The installation of the DockyDock products is easy and straightforward. A hard copy of installation instruction is provided online on PDF document and videos, there is one stainless steel frame to be inserted in the tailgate. The total installation time of the DockyDock is one to two hours to complete depending on the boat size. It is advisable to have two people to do the installation. For the larger boats of 30 FT and above, it is advisable to have three people due to weight of the DockyDock.