Large Air Pump 600x400

Air Pump 1900W (High CFM) $240.00 USD

Air Pump standard

Air Pump 600W (Standard CFM) $80.00 USD

  • The high-pressure design of the electric air pump provides a faster and more efficient inflation experience, which power is 600W=0.8hp. This portable air pump is very powerful and can quickly deflate and inflate the product. This process takes about 1 minute and runs much faster than most manual air pumps on the market. Choosing this air pump, not only can save time, but also effortless to use.

  • The operation process of this portable air pump is so simple that very popular in the market. If you want to inflate the product, please put the inflation head at the filling hold and then press the switch. The inflatable head should be placed in the exhaust hole, and then press the switch to deflate, the product will be deflated quickly. Please note that in the process of using this inflatable and deflation air pump, don’t let your children close.

  • This electric air pump is constructed with various advanced accessories. The material of the charging cable is heat-resistant and not easily damaged, which can ensure its safe performance. Because the electric air pump for inflation using advanced and high-quality metal impellers, the working noise is greatly reduced and the heat can be well dissipated. Thereby increasing its service life and more durable than other air pumps.

This air pump has dual functions of inflation and pumping, which equipped with different types of nozzles. so you can choose the appropriate nozzle according to the type of product. The inflatable function is suitable for inflatable supplies such as inflatable pools, inflatable beds, inflatable sofas, inflatable toys, and swimming rings. The deflation function is used for vacuum compression bags and more. Please note it is not fit for small inflatables such as basketballs and balloons.